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Truth in perspective


About Shawntell

I started taking photos when I was young. A kid with a cheap camera, inspired by the work of other photographers, and impressed with the beauty around me. Growing up in the White Mountains of Arizona, I was able to see so many beautiful sights - and it made me want to explore and capture the world in my own way.

Truth in Perspective

I am proud to present services and packages to fit your needs for any special event. Capturing the moments that inspire great memories and stir emotion is truly a joy to provide. I hope you find the beauty and wonder in my creations that I found in creating them! 

Thank you for visiting my site!

Integrity and Style

Brass Lantern Photography and Creations also presents custom crafts and designs for your own expression of style and flair. We work with several different mediums from clay to woodworking and even wearable, unique items! Crafting the right thing for your enjoyment is our passion!

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